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My name is Catherine Lenderi. I have been working as an English teacher since 1998 and I have frequently been employed as a freelance editor / proofreader.

When Time Comes by Cat Nicolaou Review by J. Cassidy

Review by: J Cassidy on Feb. 25, 2015 :
‘This is the story of’ is a beginning to a review that will not do the book justice. But this is the story of Athena, unhappy and unemployed, whose life changes because she finds a job in teaching art, something she adores.

Though it may not appear to have much to do with the story, it is a boost to her confidence and the reason she decides to treat herself to a concert starring Alex Dane. Good looking rock star, one time fling, and quite possibly, something much more.

Young Athena met Alex many years ago and a relationship started that never got the chance to properly develop. Now, faced with meeting him again, Athena dares to dream that now the time is right.

The romance is sweet, the steamy scenes are very…. steamy… and the characters are oh-so-bad at communicating. As much as this is a romance, it’s also a tale of how and why such perfect relationships can go wrong.

I would have liked to see more of both characters in different situations, so I could get to know them better. This wouldn’t help the story along in any way, but since I grew quite fond of them, I wasn’t quite ready to leave them yet.

Source: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/522214