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My name is Catherine Lenderi. I have been working as an English teacher since 1998 and I have frequently been employed as a freelance editor / proofreader.

For twenty years, civil war has wracked the Darician Plateau. Now the armies of the mad Empress Kaesa stand poised to seize victory.
Defeated in battle, the rebels scatter to rally new forces. Riding north and west into frozen Kellia, the rebel champion Sabra Daishen seeks to rouse remnants of the knightly orders against the Empire
But unknown dangers await Sabra in Kellia, and the agents of the mad Empress pursue her life. Ahead, a foe long dead rises again to oppose her.
Aided by the beastman archer Menalowen and guided by the Spirit of the Old Daishen, Sabra must cross the icy wastes of Kellia and return with sufficient strength to bring the Imperial legions to battle again.

Source: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/98448